A City That Moves

Mike Corbett protesting alongside the Teamsters for United Auto WorkersFixing the MTA

This is a much bigger issue than I can articulate into a short platform plank. However, I think there are things we can be doing better. One thing in particular is to listen to the men and women who deal with this first hand: the Transit Workers. I believe everything in the TWU’s Work Boots on the Ground Plan is worth discussing. We must find new sources of revenue for the MTA, such as congestion pricing, and make sure this capital is not spent wastefully.

Fully Fund the Second Avenue Subway

Its tough to say build more stations while the current infrastructure is crumbling. However, for any resident of the East Side below 59th Street, we know how incredibly crowded the 4/5/6 trains are as we are trying to make it to and from work (and the buses are not much more reliable). That is why it is vital to invest a portion of the new revenue in completing necessary projects, such as the Second Avenue Subway. I would be relentless in my advocacy for funding Phases 3 & 4 so the whole East Side can benefit from greater access to transportation.

The L Train

A vital line of transportation for a large portion of our residents is the L train. The First Avenue stop alone sees a daily ridership of over 24,000, which is why so many candidates campaign right outside. I will hold the MTA’s feet to the fire to make sure they continue to focus on this. In addition, I think the 14th Street PeopleWay plan proposed by Transportation Alternatives is a good solution to this problem. This will limit automobile traffic on 14th Street while increasing Select Bus Service, bike lanes, and sidewalk space.