An Affordable City

Mike Corbett with Teamsters Local 814SCRIE/DRIE

Senior Citizens and People with a Disability have a tough time as it is. They do not need to be concerned about exorbitant rent hikes. We must make sure rent freezes continue for these New Yorkers. That is why I would sign on to be a co-sponsor of A07457, which will provide retroactive benefits for SCRIE and DRIE applicants.

Rent Stabilization

I am one of the lucky New Yorkers to live in a Rent Stabilized unit, but only because my parents moved in over 40 years ago. I don’t think New Yorkers should have to be lucky to afford to live in this great city. The most recent Rent Act will need to be reauthorized in 2019, and I will fight to increase the threshold for vacancy from $2700 to $3000 and look for other ways to strengthen the laws for rent regulated tenants.

Tenant Protection

There are only a handful of rent controlled or rent stabilized tenants in New York City. In many cases, landlords will stop at nothing to get that number to zero. Your elected representative must be a voice of the voiceless. I will fight for any tenant who is unlawfully harrassed or evicted. In addition, I will immediately sign onto legislation which will strengthen rights for these tenants, such as A03212, which makes evicting tenants who refuse to pay their rent in a building with code violations unlawful.