A Sustainable City

Mike Corbett marching for 9/11 first respondersRenewable Energy

We have heard the Trump Administration loud and clear. They think climate change is a hoax and clean coal is the answer. New Yorkers know better. The Climate and Community Protection Act is a good first step (should it not pass through the State Senate, I will sign onto the bill when it comes back to the Assembly). However, we must go further and lead on alternative energy. The New York City Council passed Local Law 2016-024 last year to look at feasibility of solar panels on all City owned buildings, and I believe we should pass similar legislation for all state owned buildings. Increasing our solar grid also would help with when we lose power due to an extreme event, such as Superstorm Sandy.

Coastal Resiliency

Superstorm Sandy hit us over five years ago, and we are still in recovery. If you look at a map of flooding, the 74th Assembly District was especially hit hard. I live on the last block that lost power, and my late mother needed 24-hour oxygen to be delivered daily to survive. We can do better. While I believe East Side Coastal Resiliency Project is a great step forward, it only accounts for storms with the intensity of Sandy (Category 1). We must be proactive in expecting stronger, more destructive weather events in the future. That is why, in addition to ESCR, I believe we should look at new and innovative ideas such as barrages, which are movable barriers that protect from ocean storm surge.

Noise Pollution

Make no mistake about it, we live in a noisy neighborhood. 3-1-1 complaints about this issue are at an all-time high. I remember there used to be a club around the corner called The Jukebox, and it was a constant source of late night/early morning commotion. I am 35 years old, so by no means am I against an active nightlife in New York City. But we must be respectful. I would work with other electeds in the area to craft legislative solutions to this issue, such as empowering the DEP to crack down on noisy establishments.