Mike Corbett for Assembly

The last five months have been one hell of a ride. I have had the distinct privilege of getting to know many of my fellow residents of the 74th Assembly District. I was especially honored to have the support of so many of you in this race. However, as we approach the County Committee vote tonight, I believe that the result is no longer in doubt. My friends, to paraphrase the musical Hamilton, I don’t have the votes.

Back in 2016, I was an ardent supporter of and DNC Delegate for our former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. When it became clear that she had the necessary votes to be our party nominee for president, I advocated for all Democrats to unify behind her candidacy. That is why this announcement will come as no surprise to those of you who know me best.

I am ending my campaign today and endorsing Harvey Epstein to be our standard bearer as the Democratic Nominee for the 74th Assembly District. I am asking all my fellow County Committee members to stand with me and cast your vote for Harvey tonight. Let’s begin working together to ensure a brighter future for the East Side of Manhattan.

In Solidarity,

Mike Corbett

Mike Corbett at the 1st Presidential Debate in 2016


An Affordable City
We need to protect tenants, senior citizens, and people with disabilities from being prices out of the homes they love.
A City That Moves
We need to fix the MTA, listen to the employees that know the system, and fund the Second Avenue Subway.
A Prepared City
To best prepare our next generation, we should have transparent charter schools, mandatory civics education, and expansion of trade schools…
A Sustainable City
We need to focus on creation of more source of renewable energy, protection of our coastlines, and noise pollution reduction.

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